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We are amongst the first to bring you every new development in interventional cardiology.  We welcome your feedback, your comments and your ideas in interventional cardiology.  We strive hard to be pioneers in bringing you what is needed in your profession.  

Whether be it a new stent, new medical equipment, catheters or balloons, our staff gets extensive training on every product our companies launch in order to present our new products with accuracy, safety and reliability.  We can visit your hospital / clinic where we can make full presentation of our products, or you may visit our offices where our team will welcome you and answer every question you have in your own medical terms language.

Furthermore, we can arrange in less than 48 hours for every doctor who would like to visit our factories and production facilities and get training from our doctors and interventional cardiology specialists, to be on the plane on the way to the "heart" of our R&D facilities and product development.  Upon arrival, you can enjoy your visit of our production facilities, and of course get full and extensive training from the inspirers of our products.  

With us you will have a unique opportunity to discuss the latest developments in interventional cardiology and exchange your experiences, ideas, thoughts or even worries with us, regarding the most sophisticated issues of interventional cardiology.
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